The Myth of Man


“The Myth of Man” by Alex Vigue is propelled by the stomach, hunger like a driving force behind the poems. It is a book of desire with a passionate heart beating in the center. The reader will recognize the narrator’s need for satisfaction and find a relatable want within. Although earnest in nature, Vigue knows exactly when to add an element of humor to elevate the craft, to balance the books weighty topics with a hint of levity. Vigue doesn’t shy away from a queer perspective to dissect and investigate the idea of masculinity, touching on the romantic to the parental, the carnal to the tender. With moments of emotional ache as well as laugh out loud humor, Vigue’s “The Myth of Man” is a book of genuine surprise, vulnerability, and ultimately joy.

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Or Preview three poems, “Neptune”, “Camille”, and “Grips are fleeting things” here.