Published Works

Three Poems in Hobart

Three Poems in Graviton

Johnathan Groff kisses his female costar on the set of Mindhunter in Drunk Monkeys

One Poem in Gabby

A grief spell for queer ancestors in Meowmeowpowpow

Bird species never seen or heard before in Cotton Xenomorph

Dopamine in Occulum

Instructions for those who have learned not to cry in Cahoodaloodaling

The Parasite in Kith

Lines Don’t End in Maudlin House

Dry Spell in Vinyl Poetry and Prose

Fat Witch, Gifts, and The Return of Fat Witch in Lockjaw Magazine

No Cures in Black Napkin Press

How does it feel to get fatter? in  Yes Poetry

Fireworked Light in Sweet Tree Review

Succor in Pointed Circle 

The Thing in NonBinary Review

Eliz, Kitten Heels and Spider Legs, & The God of Jealousy and How He Created Monogamy in Vanilla Sex Magazine

Preserved and S4V3D in Hobo Camp Review

Joints at a wedding in Scissors & Spackle 

When I’m a haunted house in Reality Beach

Speech Spell in Witch Craft Mag

Three Poems in Birds Piled Loosely

Parable of Identity in Thistle Magazine

Litr-Pilrz in Page Bacon

Alexander The Great in Jonathan

The Volcano in Leopard Skin & Limes

Samantha, Humphrey Bogart, and What No One Else Saw in Four Chambers

untitled in MICRO//MACRO

The Shedding Blade , Corpse Flower , and Clean White Bones in Yellow Chair Review

In the Redwoods in The Fem

God Costume/ The God of Bad Days in Crab Fat Magazine

soft mad children in Polychrome Ink

Bug Beard in Zoomoozophone 

Nightrunner and Scyphozoan in Five 2 One 

Pando (I Spread) and The Girl Named Roy in Labyrinth I can only be seen on fire in a latter issue

hate-watch in Experimementos

2) published in Gold Man Review

Growing New Animals in Emerge Literary Journal

Birdlegs published in Phantom Drift 

High Fructose Corn Syrup Boy published in Dirty Chai

Phone Lines published in Sediments

Hangnails published in Hermeneutic Chaos

Underbelly published in From Bellingham with Love

Over-medium Eggs published in Pins & Needles 

She Grew Wings in  Jeopardy